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Garden maintenance
Guarding your home
Building and office cleaning


Bernard Services takes care of everything for you !

Bernard Services offers a variety of individual services that include both commercial cleaning and private home maintenance services.

De-bushing of green areas
Plant treatment
Watering plants and shrubs
Pruning hedges, shrubs and trees
Mowing and scarifying lawns
Selective weeding of weeds
Removal of fallen leaves

Take out the rubbish
Maintenance of the common areas
Minor maintenance work (replacing light bulbs).
Contact with and coordination of maintenance companies for technical installations.
Clearing snow and salting your pavements and private driveways

Dusting furniture and radiators
Dusting of computer equipment
Wiping down handrails and touch-sensitive surfaces (e.g. in lifts) with suitable cloths.
Cleaning the sanitary facilities, changing the towels and refilling the paper
Complete cleaning of the floors and regular polishing
Emptying the rubbish bins and recycling boxes for paper.
Technical cleaning after construction work
Cleaning at the end of the tenancy
Cleaning windows and neon signs

Small repairs (small holes in the walls)
Cleaning the kitchen (worktops, fridge, hobs, oven, extractor bonnet, cupboards and drawers).
The thorough cleaning of the bathrooms and toilets.
The cleaning of all floors
Dusting all rooms (including radiators, baseboards, door handles, light switches and lights, mirrors and other glass surfaces).


Graduate of the Maison Romande de la Propreté !

The strengths

Bernard Services is a small family business that favours long-term and lasting relationships with its clients.


You are in direct contact with the head of the company. He performs a large part of the services his company offers you himself.


Your satisfaction is close to our hearts. We adapt our services to your needs and wishes.

Environmentally friendly products

In order to keep the ecological impact on our planet as low as possible, we only use environmentally friendly organic products.

My story

Yacine Bernard

The diversity of my professional experiences has allowed me to develop my natural sense of good work, communication with the client and respect for the client.

In my work as a receptionist at the Movenpick Hotel Basel, I learned how important good communication is. This job was a great opportunity for me to become more attuned to the guests' needs and thus contribute to their satisfaction.

It was at the Grand Casino in Basel that I developed my sense of perfection and attention to detail as a security officer. It was also there that I learned to respect the privacy of customers.

And finally, as a professional soldier in the French Navy, I learned a sense of duty and imprinted accuracy, punctuality and respect for others.

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